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In order to build a real and sustainable bridge between the old world of money and new world of money, both individuals and institutions need to feel safe and secure whenever they traverse it. This is why our team consists of the top technologists and security engineers. We built VelcomEx with a “security-first” mentality from day one and continue to adhere to this principle as we build new features and improve the VelcomEx experience. Digital assets like bitcoin and ether have tremendous potential to reshape the global financial system and enable possibilities previously unimaginable. For this to happen, the island of digital assets must be connected to the financial mainland. VelcomEx is your bridge to the future of money.

Our Mission

At VelcomEx, we believe blockchain technology will be essential for providing secure banking and payment services in the future. We believe digital currency will greatly improve the convenience of daily transactions and help to create a world that is financially borderless. We believe that crypto investors deserve the same protections as investors in other asset classes, so we’ve built a rules-based marketplace with security at its core.

Our aim is to provide trustworthy trading services for all, while continuously working to improve our technology. Our mission is to connect everyone to the new digital asset economy.

Our Team

VelcomEx head office is in Singapore, however we are a multi-national team with members in Australia, Hungary, Venezuela, Argentina, Ukraine and Russia.

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