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Cryptocurrency is a Buzz word that sounds heavy in recent days. Cryptocurrency Exchange is the most trending online business and every individual from all the nook and corner of this digital globe, actively involving in the process of crypto trading.

In the beginning, the crypto exchanges are only available as web applications that can only be accessed using desktops. As smartphone technology is becoming more trending, many businesses started providing their services through mobile applications. Then, how come cryptocurrency exchange will be an expectation in this list?

Impacts of Smart Phone Technology

Around the globe, there are more than 1 billion smartphone users and there are about 2.5 million apps on Google & Apple App store, which have a significant impact on our day to day routine. The surveys show that 80% of the global population adopts the use of mobile phones and this shows the encouragement for the use of smartphones is more promising in recent days.

Every year the smartphone users increase rapidly along with this the number of mobile applications is also increasing at quite high rates. Smart Phones have impacted society in many ways. Each and every business build a mobile application for their business to reach more users.

Impact of mobile phones on the crypto exchange

On those days, before the evolution of mobile technology, every time of the trade, the crypto traders have visited the website of the respective crypto exchanges, sign in with their account and then make trading, which takes fewer minutes. To make it simple for the crypto traders many cryptocurrency exchanges started providing their crypto services in smartphone as mobile applications.

So, users can download the cryptocurrency exchange application on their mobile and can sign up and start trading within seconds, which eliminates sign in every time of the trade.

With the deep analysis and understanding of the future of both “Smart Phone Technology” as well as the “Cryptocurrency Trading”, we VelcomEx has planned and built a mobile application for both android and iOS crypto trading lovers.

Just Imagine. Trading your cryptos with other traders who may be from anywhere in the globe, as whenever & from wherever you want within a second is such a great pleasure. Right?

Then Download our VelcomEx -P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange App and enjoy  mobile handy crypto trading

VelcomEx - The Trailblazer for Grooming The Crypto Space

About VelcomEx 

VelcomEx - Next-Gen Singapore based P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange that allows trading of cryptos supported with 300+ payment methods. We VelcomEx provides the safest and best peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform as like LocalBitcoins with a more flexible and safer environment for deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies.VelcomEx has an integrated feedback system and as well as an escrow system to protect the success of each and every transaction.

Our Crypto Exchange Services are available as native mobile apps for both android and iOS. 

Here is the list of cryptocurrencies supported by VelcomEx :

  1. Bitcoins
  2. Ethereum
  3. Ripple
  4. Litecoins
  5. Bitcoin Cash
  6. Tether

Key Features of VelcomEx 

Some of the key features of VelcomEx involves the following :

  • Multiple Security Layers
  • Lightening Execution Speed
  • High Liquidity
  • 24X7 instant support system
  • Easy Order Placement 
  • Secured Crypto Wallet and so on.

Specialties of VelcomEx 

Here are some other special features of our P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange, VelcomEx.

  • Open Advertisement Placing Mechanism
  • World-class crypto-trading experience using the mobile app.
  • Crypto Price Charts that updates every second.
  • Enhanced Account Security APIs.
  • Live Chats that connect the seller with their buyer.

Why use VelcomEx for Crypto Trading?

Listed here are the benefits of using our VelcomEx application for the process of exchange of your cryptocurrencies.

Mobile Handy

Our VelcomEx crypto exchange services are available as mobile applications on both android and iOS platforms. Our main motto is to make a mobile handy crypto trading experience for all global users.

Easy Sign-up and KYC verification

After downloading VelcomEx, there are only a few steps for signing up and verifying your account which takes only very few minutes.

Easy Tracking of Trades

A historical data of all your open trades that you have made are stored in the Trade History that you can view anytime.

Safe To Trade

VelcomEx has integrated Escrow mechanism which offers you the best platform to trade, deposit your cryptos as well as fiat currencies safely and securely.

Options to refer Friends

VelcomEx provides a way to refer your friends and family to trade in VelcomEx. You can share the referral link/ QR Code with friends anytime.

Hope we have delivered all the sufficient informations about VelcomEx.

If you are an android user, you can download our VelcomEx P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange App from Google Play Store anytime and start trading with us!

We have 24 X 7 support system to make your trading so effective.

Why still waste your precious time here? Download our VelcomEx Crypto Exchange app, make trading, and share your trading feedback with us as reviews & ratings on the Google Play Store.

My dear iOS users, for your kind attention,

Our  VelcomEx iOS app is on the final stage of development and you all can also enjoy our exchange services shortly.

Stay Tuned with VelcomEx to know about our moves!

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