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Jun 27 , 2020 at 19:23 03 | Updated Jun 30 , 2020 at 16:04 40 | 135

VelcomEx - Singapore Based P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange is glad to announce that, it had started providing cryptocurrency exchange services for all the global crypto traders from the beginning of this 2020 by launching a native crypto exchange mobile application.

With VelcomEx mobile app, users can deposit, withdraw, and exchange cryptos using any fiat currencies. As India has stroke down the RBI Ban against Cryptos, users can also deposit Indian Currency (INR) in our exchange platform .” We launched VelcomEx with the motto to provide a safe, secure, and hassle-free trading platform for both Novice and Zealous Crypto Traders” says Mathi Arasu, Founder of VelcomEx.

He also adds “ We chose to provide our crypto exchange services on mobile platforms, just to simplify the trading and make users experience fast and safe trading instantly from wherever they are and as whenever they want.”

Mathi Arasu is a straightforward and intense individual who has deep interest over the crypto space and who keenly observes each and every move of the crypto industry in various parts of the globe. Thus, VelcomEx is the result of his deep-seated passion for starting a crypto-related business. While his slogan for succeeding in anything is “To have a complete Belief in their own self”

His self-belief and his confidence in his knowledge over the cryptocurrency industry triggered him to launch VelcomEx. Thus, VelcomEx is serving crypto exchange services for Indian users and all other global crypto users in a secure environment.

Minimizing the efforts of crypto traders

On continuous monitoring of all the difficulties the crypto traders face each time they make a trade, Mathi has initiated to reduce the efforts by creating and launching a user-friendly native mobile application for furnishing an easy crypto trading platform for both android and iOS users.

VelcomEx Android Application is on Google Play Store and Android users can download it anytime & start trading easily. VelcomEx is working on building VelcomEx for iOS platform and iOS users can soon enjoy the trading experience with us.

“Our approach is unique and we focus on providing a simple, easy, and safe platform for Indian as well as Global crypto traders through the mobile application. Also, a recent statement from the Supreme Court of India about Cryptocurrency Banking and Payments has opened the way of Success for our VelcomEx”, Said Mathi Arasu.

Comfort Transaction & Payment Methods

We VelcomEx ensures a 100% safest platform for buying, selling, and storing Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. There are up to 300+ payment methods supported by our exchange.

As Mathi Started cryptocurrency exchange mainly for Indian Crypto enthusiasts, he says that the government should give a clarification about the value at which cryptos should be brought or sold also with the taxation details. This information is not only important for cryptocurrency business entrepreneurs but also for all Indian Crypto users.

VelcomEx being the pioneer to make a revolutionary in cryptocurrency globe is now available as a mobile application !!

Download our P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange App and start to enjoy trading !!

Stay with us to know more about our moves & announcements!


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